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Book #2328
Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society Volume XXII . 1996 152pp + 4pp, (+20pp of adverts).b/w illustrations. Contents: Sam Quigley - The Raffles Gamelan at Claydon House; Cecil Adkins - William Milhouse and the English Classical Oboe; Ardall Powell - The Tromlitz Flute; Pamela L Poulin - Anton Stadler's Basset Clarinet: Recent Discoveries in Riga. Clean copy appears unread. £12.00 (Paper)
Book #2312
Treatise on the Clarinet
(Boehm System)
2nd impression 1941 John E Dallas & Sons Ltd. 141pp, b/w illustrations, music examples, 1 folding plate with fingering chart for the Boehm clarinet.
Boards bumped on spine and corners, name (John E Fanning) stamped and written in ink on fly leaf, notes in pencil on back fly leaf, contents clean.
Book #2313
Die Klarinette
Ihre Geschichte . Ihre Literatur . Ihre großen Meister
Bearbeitet von Diethard Riehm. Reprint der Ausgabe von 1965
1993 Baerenreiter. 93pp, + XVI Tafeln, b/w illustrations in text. Slight yellowing of wrapppers, clean copy like new. German text.
£18.00 (Paper)
Book #2314
Some Notes upon its History and Construction by F. GEOFFREY RENDALL
1971 Third Edition. 206pp, 8 plates, b/w illustrations in text. Very good copy
Book #2315
in Liebe zerflossenes Gefühl. - Die Klarinette. Symposium im Rahmen der 30. Tage Alter Musik in Herne 2005. Veranstalter und Herausgeber: Stadt Herne.
Konzeption und Redaktion Ch Ahrens/G Klinke
135pp, b/w illustrations, music examples and graphes in text. 9 articles by various authors plus forword. 5 + forword in German, 4 in English

£25.00 (Paper)
Book #2309
Methodes & Traites 6, Serie I, France 1600-1800
realisee par Philippe Lescat et Jean Saint-Arroman
Facsimile of the following methods: Abraham-Anonyme-Blasius-M Corrette-Framery-L J Francoeur-Garsault-Hotteterre le romain-Laborde-Roeser-Vandenbrock-Van der Hagen-Yost.
2000. 303pp
Book #2275
Incomplete Method für die Holzblasinstrumente. Schmutzig series no II Cor publishing Co, A E Goldstein 1951. 20pp, b/w illustrations. Very good copy £14.00 (Paper)
Book #2231
Proceedings of the Clarinet And Woodwind Colloquium 2007
Celebrating the Collection of Sir Nicholas Shackleton
2012. Arnold Myers editor. Papers presented at the meeting organised by the Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments, Edinburgh, 22-24 June 2007
270pp, colour and b/w photos, line drawings, graphs and music examples in text
Book #2031
Catalogue of the Sir Nicholas Shackleton Collection 2007. Principal author H. Fricke, photography R. Parks, edited by A. Myers. 795pp, fully illustrated, colour photographs. This catalogue documents the achievement of the late Sir Nicholas Shackleton in assembling one of the world's finest collection of musical instruments. This publication gives a detailed description of 880 instruments: 817 clarinets and basset horns, 42 flutes, 6 oboes, 4 bassoons, 3 french horns and 8 other instruments. £55.00
Book #2002
Verzeichnis der Europaischen Musikinstrumente im Germanischen Nationalmuseum Nurnberg. Band 6 Liebesklarinetten Bassetthorner Bassklarinetten Metallklarinetten 2006. Beschreibender Katalog bearbeitet von F. Bar. Quellenkataloge zur Musikgeschichte 32.
294pp, fully illustrated, b/w plates, line drawings, graphs, with detailed measurements. German text
Book #1807
Verzeichnis der Europaischen Musikinstrumente im Germanischen Nationalmuseum Nurnberg, Band 5, Klarinetten normaler und hoherer Stimmlage mit 10 und mehr Klappen. 2004. Beschreibender Katalog bearbeitet von Frank P. Bar. Quellenkataloge zur Musikgeschichte 31. 282pp, b/w plates and line drawings. German text. £90.00
Book #1755
The Clarinet. Revised, and with a Repertory, by Diethard Riehm
Translated by Hilda Morris, translation edited by Anthony Baines.
1968 Taplinger Publishing Company. 183pp, b/w plates and music examples in text. Light tanning throughout, dustjacket shelf-wear and worn at edges. contents like new.
Berlin Germany
Book #1734
Faszination Klarinette Dieses Buch erschien anlasslich der Ausstellung 'Faszination Klarinette' Musikinstrumenten-Museum SIMPK Berlin,
1. Oktober 2004 bis 27. Februar 2005. Herausgegeben von C. Restle und H. Fricke. 240pp. 104 instruments described, many colour and b/w plates. German text.
Eventhough this book is new, there's a small area of damage to the dust jacket on top right hand corner
Book #1723
Verzeichnis der Europaiischen Musikinstrumente im Germanischen Nationalmuseum Nurnberg, Band 4,
Klarinetten normaler und hoherer Stimmlage mit 2 bis 9 Klappen.
Beschreibender Katalog by F. P. Bar. 2003. Quellenkataloge zur Musikgeschichte 30.
263pp, b/w plates, line drawings & graphs. German text.
Vermillion (SD) USA
Book #1700
Beethoven & Berlioz Paris & Vienna
Musical Treasures from the Age of Revolution & Romance 1789 - 1848
Catalogue National Music Museum, September 12 - November 2, 2003.
Andr� P. Larson, Ph. D. / John Koster, A. B.
87pp., beautifully illustrated with colour plates.
£20.00 (Paper)
Book #1208
Musikinstrumente aus Ostbayern (Niederbayern / Oberpfalz) vom 17-19 Jh. Exhibition Catalogue Stadtmuseum 13 November 1992 - 31. January 1993. 176pp, colour & b/w plates. German text £18.00 (Paper)
Book #1226
Klarinetten. Grundzuge ihrer Entwicklung. Systeme- Modelle-Patent. Verwandte Instrumente Biographische Skizzen ausgewaehlter Klarinettenbauer 2001. 272pp. colour & b/w plates, line drawings in text. German text. £65.00
Book #1261
A Tarogato / Das Tarogato, Geschichte, akustische Merkmale, Repertoire und Instrumentbauer Musica Pannonica 3, 1998. 159pp. 11pp. b/w illustrations graphs, line drawings & music examples including 2 fingering charts. Hungarian / German text. Spine and covers scratched & marked, binding tight, contents like new
£10.00 (Paper)
Book #1398
Royal College of Music Museum of Instruments Catalogue, Part 1, European Wind Instruments 1982. Catalogue by E.A.K. Ridley. 68pp, 84 (of 196 listed) instruments illustrated in b/w £7.00 (Paper)
Book #1408
Patents for Inventions: Abridgements of Specifications relating to Music & Musical Instruments, A.D. 1694-1866 1984 Facsimile of 1871 Edition. 520pp. with abridgements of all 740 English patents issued before 1867. £27.00

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PTUJ Slovenia
Book #1504
Glasbila na Ptujskem Gradu; Instrumentarij Salonov ter Mescanskih in Plemiskih Kapel 1994. Catalogue by D. Koter. 113pp, 6 colour plates and numerous b/w illustrations, Slovenian text £10.00 (Paper)
Book #1581
The Development of Woodwind Fingering Systems in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 2003. 230pp. line drawings in text. An important study.
Eventhough this is a new copy there's slight yellowing of wrappers
£50.00 (Paper)
Book #1584
The New Langwill Index: A dictionary of Musical Wind-Instrument Makers & Inventors. Second impression (of first edition) 2020. xxxvii + 518pp. Entries for nearly 6500 makers & inventors active until c.1950. Awarded the C.B.Oldham Prize by IAML (UK) as the best British work of Music Librarianship, Reference or Bibliography for 1993. £90.00
Book #1601
4900 Historical Woodwind Instruments: An Inventory of 200 Makers in International Collections 1993. 338pp. With information from over 700 collections, with bibliography of 150 cited photo sources. £60.00

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