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Xylophone with 25 glass bars suspended on tapes, each with the name of the note. The wooden case decorated in Chinoisserie style, with four ornate gilt brass feet. Made in England in the early 19th century. Length 53.2cm. With pair of original beaters
Two glass bars not original but appropriately labelled and tuned.

Price £3700.00
Instrument #490

Kin, large Japanese temple bell, made in the 19th century or earlier. Overall height (including red lacquered wooden stand) 61.0cm. Diameter of gong 42.0cm.
With cushion.

Price £1400.00
Instrument #420
Reference: William P. Malm 1959 Japanese Music and Musical Instruments pp.68,69

Mokko, cast bronze drum from the Sunda Islands in Indonesia, height 54.5cm.
Generally good original condition, small paint stain.

Price £6000.00
Instrument #286
Ex-collection H.L.Diamond, Vienna.
Illustrated in A.Janata “Musikinstrumente der Völker” 1975 p.26-7, sub-catalogue

Waniguchi, a bronze Japanese temple gong, width 28.0cm. With an open lotus flower on one side.
Good original condition

Price £1300.00
Instrument #287
F.T.Piggott 1893 The Music and Musical Instruments of Japan pp.209,212.
1995 Catalogue IV Japanese Musical Instruments, Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments p.33.
Paul Wolff 1988 Traditional Japanese Musical Instruments pp.32,33.

Jingling Johnnie (or Chapeau Chinois) in plated brass, signed “ C. PANITY / …../ BRUXELLES” made c.1900. height 125.0cm. Unusual hand-held model.
Plating worn, few bells missing, needs a clean.

Price £2000.00
Instrument #265

Zylophone with 44 glass notes (at least one replaced), glued to straps, labelled “JOHN DYCHE / SMALL HEATH MUSIC WAREHOUSE / 8, CATTELL ROAD, / PIANOFORTES TUNED AND REPAIRED” made c.1880. Length 83.3cm.
In worn condition. Lacks catches holding the two halves together.

Price £850.00
Instrument #266

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